Spring Clean-Up

Spring is a great time year because it reminds us that winter is finally over. It is also time of year when everyone wants to snap there fingers and immediately have the perfect summer lawn. It takes you a lot of time, energy and commitment to beautify your lawn. Let Best Way Lawn Care & Services get you off to the right start!! Call Shane at (204) 371-2047 today!

Excessive gravel on lawn may result in a $30 charge.

The Gold package is certainly the best way to get your lawn looking great! Power raking removes the unwanted thatch greatly improving water absorption; the vacuum not only removes the large amount of unwanted thatch but also lifts up the grass giving it a fresh perky look; the core aeration allows the soil to breath, plugs to decompose preventing soil compacting and improves water drainage. Fertilizing at this time is best because the granular can drop immediately into the plug holes getting to the root system. Edging significantly improves the curb appeal of your home by removing any over growth on your driveway and sidewalks giving your lawn perfect manicured lines.

When To Power Rake?

The best time to power rake is when the snow is gone, the grass is dry and frost is gone. Power raking should be done before you have too much fresh grass growth or you will pull out more green grass than want. There is usually a three week window for power raking (usually from the end of April to the beginning of May). Power raking is the best way to remove the thatch and give your lawn a fresh face lift. More information

When To Aerate?

Spring is a great time to aerate especially if you plan to fertilize. Aeration can be done any time through out the summer. For best results aeration should be done after good a good soak. More information.

Commercial Lawn Care


Best Way Lawn Care & Services is pleased to be managing many commercial clients in Steinbach and surrounding municipalities!


We professionally manage properties of all sizes. We are experienced in a variety of properties from very large acreages to small businesses and rental properties!

We are able to service businesses properties, rental units, apartments, campuses, church properties and residential acreages.


Our carefully selected equipment allows us to cater to the uniqueness of each property. Prices are determined by the size of property and the type of services that will achieve your desired outcome. We take great pride in our work. Our mission is to provide professional service, at a fair and reasonable price.


Best Way Lawn Care & Services guarantees your satisfaction!

Your image is important to us. You work hard at building your business to be the best it can possibly be. Best Way Lawn Care & Services promises to extend your image into your landscape with beautifully manicured grounds that welcome customers and employees.

We’ll develop a program that suits your lawn maintenance needs. Our goal is simple; we are in business to make you and your business look as good as possible!

Residential Lawn Care

Homes are meant to be enjoyed! Do you have more urgent and important things to do with your time? Are you dreading the demands of yard work? Please consider Best Way Lawn Care & Services to take care of your lawn needs. Our goal is to keep your yard looking beautiful. Call Shane at (204) 371-2047.

Best Way Lawn Care & Services has a plan that will be right for you to make sure your lawn looks great at very competitive rates.
(Price rate reflect yards up to 10,000 sq. ft. lots.)

Weekly Residential Mowing Plan (starting from $50)

  • Grass trim around building, beds, trees, fences and perimeter
  • Mow: bag grass (heavy-growth times) with option to mulch (during light-growth times)
  • Blow pavement, sidewalk and patio areas
  • Haul away grass clippings
  • Edge driveway and front walkways once/month

Note: We understand that grass clippings are unsightly. Our rule is that if we see it, we bag it which gives the home owner confidence that there lawn will always look great! We will bag all summer if that is simply your preference. We want you to be satisfied!


Best Way Lawn Care is small enough to care for the average city lot and large enough to handle residential acreages.


Best Way Lawn Care & Services guarantees your satisfaction!

More Information on Bagging and Mulching

It is necessary to bag your grass during peak growth months but there are benefits to mulching during slow growth times. There is usually a two month time frame when the grass growth is slow because of heat and less precipitation (mid July – mid Sept.). This is a perfect time to consider allowing us not to bag. This is suggested in order that the short tender grass clippings which contain about 4% nitrogen, 1% phosphorus, and 2% potassium (which keep your lawn green and healthy) can be recycled back into the soil.

There is a common misconception that grass clippings will turn into thatch. The truth is that grass clippings break down within 2 to 3 weeks. Thatch is made up of runners, rhizomes, and roots that break down very slowly (usually caused by heavy fertilizer applications and lots of water). See power raking for more information on thatch.