Spring Clean Up

Spring is a great time year because it reminds us that winter is finally over. It is also time of year when everyone wants to snap there fingers and immediately have the perfect summer lawn. It takes you a lot of time, energy and commitment to beautify your lawn. Let Best Way Lawn Care & Services get you off to the right start!! Call Shane at (204) 371-2047 today!

Best Way Spring Clean-Up Specials

  • Bronze – $139: Power rake, grass vacuum/first cut, remove thatch and clippings
  • Silver – $199: Power rake, grass vacuum/first cut, remove thatch and clippings, aerate
  • Gold – $279: Power rake, grass vacuum/first cut, remove thatch and clippings, aerate, fertilize, edge driveway & front door & side walk

Excessive gravel on lawn may result in a $30 charge.

The Gold package is certainly the best way to get your lawn looking great! Power raking removes the unwanted thatch greatly improving water absorption; the vacuum not only removes the large amount of unwanted thatch but also lifts up the grass giving it a fresh perky look; the core aeration allows the soil to breath, plugs to decompose preventing soil compacting and improves water drainage. Fertilizing at this time is best because the granular can drop immediately into the plug holes getting to the root system. Edging significantly improves the curb appeal of your home by removing any over growth on your driveway and sidewalks giving your lawn perfect manicured lines.

$10-Off Good Neighbor Discount Program

Pre-book your spring cleanup package with your next door neighbor and you both get a $10-off discount!

When To Power Rake?

The best time to power rake is when the snow is gone, the grass is dry and frost is gone. Power raking should be done before you have too much fresh grass growth or you will pull out more green grass than want. There is usually a three week window for power raking (usually from the end of April to the beginning of May). Power raking is the best way to remove the thatch and give your lawn a fresh face lift. More information

When To Aerate?

Spring is a great time to aerate especially if you plan to fertilize. Aeration can be done any time through out the summer. For best results aeration should be done after good a good soak. More information.